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Advice for Cubans with I-220A

Every day more Cubans appear in immigration court in the United States with I-220A. However, not everyone fully prepares their case for different reasons. Many are still in a form of immigration limbo because if the judge in the case decides, they will be deported. Hence the importance of hiring specialized counsel that responds to the interests of immigrants.

Lawyer Jose Guerrero expressed his opinion precisely on this point. The expert shared experiences about the most common problems in this type of event. The expert agreed that the most recent investigations have revealed a surprising trend.

It turns out that the stories told by immigrants are often not believed by the judges in their respective cases. Of course, this is an automatic denial of asylum and the beginning of subsequent deportation proceedings.

Case Preparation: The Key to Success

That is what the lawyer advises. “It’s important not to wait for court day to talk to your attorney and build a solid case of credible fear.” This preparation includes bringing all possible evidence, reports from third parties etc.

Those who faced the court without proper preparation are now unable to appeal against deportation orders. According to Guerrero, “Once the judge declares that your story is not credible, the legal process becomes even more complicated.”

It is true that the situation for Cubans with I-220A cases is getting worse. All this, the document is not recognized as a parole in the eyes of the Cuban Adjustment Act for citizenship in the United States.

There are more than 400,000 Cubans along I-220A who have entered the United States through the southern border in the last three years. For them, it is necessary to do everything legally possible to avoid deportation.