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Taiwan says 47 Chinese aircraft have crossed the Taiwan Strait amid new Chinese military exercises

(CNN) — Taiwan’s defense ministry said 47 Chinese aircraft crossed the demarcation line into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, as Beijing announced new military exercises around Taiwan.

42 J-10, J-11, J-16 and Su-30 fighter jets, two Y-8 maritime patrol aircraft, a KJ-500 early warning aircraft, as well as a CH-4 and a WZ-7 military drone, Taiwan Defense It is the largest Chinese military incursion into Taiwan’s ADIZ since the ministry conducted large-scale military exercises on the island of China following the visit of the speaker of Taiwan’s House of Representatives. August this year.

Taiwan added that a total of 71 Chinese aircraft were spotted around the island, and that the Taiwanese military responded to the operations by deploying fighter jets, naval vessels and land-based missile systems.

The moves come as the Chinese military’s Eastern Theater Command said on Sunday it had conducted joint combat readiness patrols and “drill exercises” in Taiwan in response to “provocations” between Taiwan and the United States, without providing specific details.

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“The troops will take all necessary steps to resolutely protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Eastern Theater Command said.

Taiwan’s defense ministry responded in a statement late Sunday, saying it was confident of protecting its sovereignty.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s actions highlight its mindset to use force to resolve differences that undermine regional peace and stability,” he said.

“Taiwan-US cooperation will help secure a free, open and stable Indo-Pacific region. The military will continue to strengthen military readiness based on adversary threats and defense needs,” it added.

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