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The unusual phenomenon that occurred in Iran… Find out why it happened

The unusual phenomenon that occurred in Iran… Find out why it happened

Fish rain in Iran
Credits: Erem News

Passersby and car drivers in an Iranian city were surprised by showers of fish falling on the road. The event was captured on video and went viral because of how strange it was to see fish falling from the sky.

by: Herald


The fallen fish was still alive and even jumped as if it had just come out of the water. The video was taken in the Iranian city of Yasuj, after a severe storm witnessed in the small town, located approximately 280 kilometers from the nearest beach.

Why does it rain fish in Iran?

Raining fish is a very strange weather phenomenon, however many cases have been recorded around the world. Before that, in 2021, Texas saw rain of fish.

Studies show this happens when a small hurricane sucks fish out of their habitat and transports them into a storm cloud, which then falls with rain. In many cases, fish do not survive the impact when they fall to the ground or freeze when they pass through areas with low temperatures.

These mini-cyclones occur when large amounts of rain and storm surge fall into the sea, generating swirling water. Due to the movement of the clouds, it is natural for the animals to fall in areas other than where the vortex originated, which may result in the animals being lifted into the sky.

Although rains of fish are the most famous, rains of other animals have been known in history such as frogs, spiders and some crustaceans, and there was even a rain of snakes in Memphis in the United States in 1877. There is also a record of rains from frogs, as happened in Alicante, Spain in In 2007 and in Massachusetts, United States, in 1953.

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