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Sadiq Khan re-elected Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan re-elected Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan (Reuters/Chris J. Ratcliffe)

Labor Party Sadiq Khan He was He was re-elected for the third time in a row as Mayor of London After the partial municipal elections held on Thursday in England, according to the census of all the regions that make up the British capital, which was released on Saturday.

Khan is the first Muslim to hold the position of mayor of the British capital He received 1,088,000 votesCompared to 813 thousand votes for the conservative candidate Susanna HallAccording to figures reported by the media before the official Labor Party victory ceremony.

Opinion polls on voting intentions indicate a certain victory for the progressive candidate.

The Labor politician entered the capital’s mayor’s office for the first time in 2016.After the governor’s term Boris JohnsonWho was prime minister after he was mayor.

The London result came after the Conservatives suffered a strong blow in the partial municipal elections that took place in England on Thursday, which helped determine the opinion of voters in the face of the general elections scheduled to be held in the second half of next year. United kingdom.

When the results of 103 out of 107 municipal councils in the elections were announced, Keir Starmer’s Labor Party controls 48 seats, eight more than in the 2021 election.while heThe “Conservatives” lose ten, leaving six municipal councilswhile The LDP has won two and controls twelve. The rest is distributed among small parties.

Sadiq Khan during an event with youth (Reuters/Chris J. Ratcliffe)

The city mayor has powers over transportation, policing and housing, and a large portion of the city budget depends on the contribution made by the central government.

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Khan, a former Member of Parliament for the South London constituency of Tooting, is responsible for a city of more than eight million people, where 44% of the population belongs to an ethnic minority.

During the campaign, The politician promised that during his third term in local government, he would appoint 1,300 additional police officers To enhance security in neighborhoods, after a sharp increase in knife crimes in the streets.

next to, It will maintain the decision made last year to expand the ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ, in English), which requires a fee to be paid on the most polluting vehicles, a measure that has received criticism and that Susan Hall has promised to repeal.

Likewise, Khan wants to keep transport prices under control, which will be an absolute priority, he says, due to the high costs of living for Londoners.

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