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A hotel in Coro was fined after hosting Maria Corina Machado

A hotel in Coro was fined after hosting Maria Corina Machado

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During her tour in Falcon State, where she starred among crowds in several towns such as Tocacas, Coro and Dabajoro, María Corina Machado stayed at the Hotel Oromaco located in the capital of that state Coro. It was necessary for Vente Venezuela to continue its journey to Zulia until the 1970s in order to impose a fine on that company.

Machado slept there on the night of May 1, and the next day the IRS arrived to conduct a surprise inspection, demanding the books and all administrative details. Where they found minimal non-compliance, instead of being open to correcting it, they took the opportunity to impose punishment. The hotel was fined.

It is a continuation of the pattern of persecution. We have already seen that wherever opposition leader Maria Corina Machado passes, SEBIN and other organizations arrive to do their work, arresting or persecuting people. But this happens not only with police agencies, but also with administrative bodies.

In the past, they will say that it is just papers, and that they are not acting against anyone, but we all know the truth. It’s not the first time. This is still remembered when they closed the Paseo Las Mercedes Hotel, in Caracas, because it was hosting opposition representatives in 2020.

Maria Corina Machado cannot board planes in Venezuela, and has already reported that restaurants she went to during her tours have been fined or closed by state agencies. Now this is happening with this hotel too. Perhaps the goal is for no one to provide him with housing, or to make his trips difficult, or for him not to go out, or for him not to be able to move, or for him to not be able to continue holding large events. It is difficult to imagine that just as there are businessmen who are cautious and even logically afraid, there are others who are relaxed. We’ll see.

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