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Indiana judge says ‘tacos and burritos are Mexican sandwiches’ and allows restaurant to open

Indiana judge says ‘tacos and burritos are Mexican sandwiches’ and allows restaurant to open

Judge of Indiana “Tacos and burritos are traditional-style sandwiches,” he declared Mexican“He thus paved the way for the opening of a new restaurant, much to the delight of the restaurateur after a legal battle.

Martin Quintana, 53, has been trying to open his second location for about three years. The famous taco in Fort Wayne, a city about 120 miles (190 kilometers) northeast of Indianapolis.

However, the initial written commitment for development in the plaza that Quintana owns limits the business to a “sandwich-style restaurant whose primary activity is vending.” Sandwiches “Made to order” or “submarine sandwich style.”

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Quintana said the association is close to Covington Creek She called him to tell him it was his suggestion The famous taco “He was in some way inconsistent” with that commitment.

He filed a lawsuit against Planning Committee He reported that the Fort Wayne company in December 2022 after it rejected a proposed amendment that would specifically allow his restaurant to serve made-to-order tacos, burritos and other Mexican-style foods. Official Gazette.

Allen Superior Court Judge Craig Popeye ruled Monday that the Planning Commission acted properly when it rejected Quintana’s proposed amendment. But the judge also found that his request was unnecessary and decided that… Original commitment Restaurants like The Famous Taco are allowed.

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“The court agrees with Quintana that tacos and burritos are Mexican-style sandwiches, and that the original written commitment does not limit potential restaurants to serving only Mexican-style sandwiches. Cooking style Popeye Books: American.

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Quintana said Thursday he’s relieved the legal battle is over, and he’s excited to open his second The Famous Taco restaurant in Fort Wayne, his second The most populous city The state of Indiana has a population of about 270 thousand people.

“I’m glad this is over. We’re happy. When you have a decision like this, the only thing you can be happy about is. We’re excited,” he said. Associated Press.

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Quintana said he came to United State From Mexico in 1988 His first job was as a farm worker in California, picking grapes, olives, and kiwis. He later entered the restaurant business in Michigan, then moved to Chicago and finally to Fort Wayne in 2001. He also operates a second restaurant in the city.

he restaurant owner He noted that his new family restaurant, The Famous Taco, is scheduled to open in two to three months. He said that, as at his other location that opened about seven years ago, customers will be able to choose their favorite ingredients for their tacos, burritos or muffins that the staff assembles. restaurant.

“You know, this is a sandwich, and this is bread. This is a sandwich,” he said of the bagels. “We consume a lot of those.”

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