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This was the experience of Barcelona's controversial return to Elche in the Spanish League

This was the experience of Barcelona’s controversial return to Elche in the Spanish League


I finish! Barcelona managed to beat Elche 1-2 with a lot of controversy. The penalty kick scored by the video assistant referee gave the victory to the Azulgrana. People asked Elche for two penalty kicks in the last minutes, but they didn’t punish anything. Madness in the end.

95 & # 39; He left with Elche looking for a tie. And Adama asked for a penalty kick after penalty kick.

94 ‘ Ter Stegen Paradon after a head inside the area!

93 ‘ Elche asks for another punishment! Header hits Busquets in the chest and then in the arm, but the referee doesn’t distinguish anything. The game is hot.

91′ A powerful shot by Adama was covered by Badya and sent into the corner. Great performance from the Elche goalkeeper this afternoon.

90′ Five minutes have been added.

88 & # 39; Argentine Javier Pastore was removed from the bench. The player interrogated the referee and showed him the red card.

87 ‘ Ask about Martinez Valero’s penalty! The ball touched Jordi Alba’s arm, but it comes from a rebound after touching the Elche striker. The referee does not whistle anything.

86′ Xavi’s last change: Alves left for Sergino Dest.

85 & # 39; Memphis Depay does not forgive the penalty mark and scores 1-2 over Elche.


83 & # 39; Hernandez had doubts and went to the video referee to confirm a foul by the Elche defender inside the area.

82 ‘ Penalty for Barcelona! The ball hit Barragan slightly in the elbow, and the referee went to consult the VAR and demanded the maximum penalty.

81′ Barcelona was full of yellow. Pique was reprimanded for protesting.

80′ Good control from Ferran Torres but his left foot hit the net.

79′ More changes for locals: Fidel and Raul Guti left for Jose Ferrandez and Ivan Marcon.

77 ‘ The one who failed Ferran! He planted himself by hand and threw it on the body of the Budaiya goalkeeper.

76′ Two more changes from Xavi: Adama and Memphis enter Auba and Dembélé.

75′ Ferran Torres has shown that in addition to playing on the left wing, he advances into the area as Xavi asks. This is where his goal comes from.

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72′ is now yellow for Nico who is carrying a penalty. He won’t be able to play against Osasuna.

70′ Dani Alves is booked for a foul on Mojica.

68 & # 39; Frankie de Jong left and Nico entered his place. Barcelona’s second change.

67′ yellow for recently entered Ezequiel Ponce.

65′ Double change at Elche: Boyé and Jose Moriente left for Guido Carillo and Ezquiel Ponce.

64 ‘ ANSWER TO ELCHE! Ter Stegen saved the shot that had a goal seal from Berry Milla, after a huge team play.

63′ Yooooo! Ferran had a lookalike. The striker receives from Alba inside the area and his shot exceeded the top.

62 & # 39; Dembele’s center linking the Jordi Alba bite, but the ball remains for Vieran Torres and this time is unforgivable to achieve 1-1.


58 & # 39; Dembele sees the color yellow to protest. The French asked for an error near the area.

57′ poor control of Aubamyeang, who had intended to open Dembélé.

55′ Yellow card for Barragan after a foul on Pedri.

52 ‘ Yooooo! Ferran’s shot after a cross from Dani Alves goes up. Xavi complains on the bench.

51 & # 39; Dembélé removes the marks, reaches the edge and does not find a shot.

50′ Lucas Pouille’s shot hit the barrier and scared him inside the Barcelona area.

49′ Now a dangerous free kick for Elche. Ronald Araujo is booked.

48′ Ferran reaches the finish line and the ball reaches Pedri but his shot missed the goal because it hit Mujica who was on the ground.

47 ‘ Draw close to Barcelona!

46′ Xavi moved to the bench: Ferran Torres comes in for Xavi.

four five’ Start the second half!

45′ Fidel scored the first goal of the match at the end of the first half after a cut off Pedri ended up becoming the assist and the Elche striker beat Ter Stegen with a cross.


43 ‘Barcelona attacks in the attacking match on the right with Dembele or in the middle with Aubameyang and De Jong. Too Little for Jordi Alba’s Squad.

41 & # 39; Gavi hooks an air ball in front, but goes.

39 & # 39; The Dutchman stands in the race against the goalkeeper, and passes it, but Badi’s spectacularly blocks it. The midfielder is missing a referee.

38 ‘ Forgive again Frenkie de Jong!

37′ Fidel’s heart knocked him out by Jordi Alba with some trouble.

35 & # 39; Dembele center none. Ends with a corner to Barcelona.

32 & # 39; Elche fails to be accurate on the pass when he reaches the perimeter of Cooley’s area. His players arrive forced, on the run and extremely exhausted.

30′ Xavi puts his head in his hands after a Frenkie de Jong foul.

28 & # 39; Dembélé is left alone in front of the goalkeeper biting, but he makes a good save. The rejection falls on De Jong, who has the goal in full, and he shoots it with so much focus that it allows Diego Gonzalez, who is running, to clear it.

27′ Barcelona forgives for the first time against Elk!

25 & # 39; Pique in pain from the fall after jumping over Lucas Pouillet.

23′ Barcelona is adamant, but has obvious problems getting to the final metres. Elche is making an important defensive effort.

21′ Jordi Alba’s right-footed shot was shot by the goalkeeper without problems.

19 & # 39; At the moment, it is Dembele who is trying to smash the right wing into danger.

17′ Barragan’s foul on Jaffe who touched him from behind. The game becomes a little more difficult.

15 & # 39; Level game now in Martínez Valero. Barcelona still does not generate any danger.

14 & # 39; Barcelona defense are seeking to get the defense back from Elche with a long pass. Pique has already tried it three times, Araujo and Elvis, once each.

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12 & # 39; The position Dembele was looking for, Aubameyang and the Gabonese could not connect in the best way due to the pressure of the defender.

11 & # 39; Well played by Dembélé, who gets stuck inside and shoots with his left foot, but his shot goes up.

10 & # 39; The game is still goalless. Elche is waiting for Barcelona and its goal is clear: look for the counterattack.

8 & # 39; And now Pedri’s bad center from the left who can’t find the knockout.

6′ Raul Guti’s shot opened but the midfielder’s intention was good.

5′ Pedri today is on the right, while Frenkie de Jong inside the left.

3 & # 39; Brilliant leadership by Pedri vs. He touches Aubameyang on the right as he crosses first. They wipe the defense into the corner.

1 & # 39; Barcelona presses the entire field in this first minute of the match.

Ball moved! Elche faces Barcelona in Martinez Valero.

After a month in February, that was challenging for Barcelona This was settled with distinction with the team cure Visit the stadium Elche With the aim of reconfirming the sweet moment he is going through and achieving a new victory.

One of the novelties in azulgranas is that Dembele Starts from the title and sits Torres Fernando. The French will form a trident with dry And the Aubameyang. Adama And the Memphis They are also waiting their turn.

We must remember that next Thursday, the Barcelona measured in Galatasaray for Round 16 of the European League which is why DT has been leaning towards these variables.

Confirmed lineups

Elche: Edgar Badia-Bargan, Enzo Rocco, Diego Gonzalez, Mujica; Morenti, Raul, Guti, Fidel, Omar Maskarel; Perry Mila and Lucas Pouillet.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Dani Alves, Hamred, Araujo, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Frenkie; de ​​Jong, Pedri; Javi Dembele and Aubameyang.

program: 9:15 a.m. from Honduras.

Transmission: Sky Sports.