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Real Sociedad gives "Neni" Obando his first defeat against Motagua and dreams of salvation!

Real Sociedad gives “Neni” Obando his first defeat against Motagua and dreams of salvation!

Real Sociedad dreamed of redemption and confirmed that Sunday after beating Motagua 2-1 with everything and returning in a duel facing round 9 of the season. Closing 2022.

The Pajo Aguán players hit the ground running at their home, Estadio Francisco Martinez de Tocua, with a massive victory giving them a big step to save this category.

In the struggle not to go down, Team Oil at the end of the first round hit 27 points, so the illusion of redemption is inevitable.

On the other hand, for the Blues, this was the first defeat for Cesar “Nene” Obando’s side as they missed the chance to move up the table.

Motagua advanced with a young defender Wesley Decas in the 39th minute of the first half.

Real Sociedad did not lose heart and continued the attack, which was rewarded because in the second half they managed to turn the score around.

In the 57th minute, striker Ronnie Martinez hit the ball after Argentine goalkeeper Jonathan Roger refused to go to the Blues in the area.

When it looked like the match was going to end in a draw, Toccoa completed the comeback.

87 minutes were played, left player Deyron Martínez was confident and fired from long distance with a powerful shot that reached the bottom of the net.

Real Sociedad won the title and the next day they would face UPN as a visitor. For his part, Motagua will host Real Spain.

Starting formations:

Royal Society: Jose Mario Pineda, Deron Martinez, John Paul Suazo, Christopher Urmenita, Jamal Charles, Ronnie Martinez, Clifox Bernandez, Sonny Fernandez, Minor Antunes.

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Motagua: Jonathan Roger, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereira, Christopher Melendez, Wesley Decas; Juan Angel Delgado, Jonathan Nunez, Justin Obando, Ivan Lopez, Angel Tejeda and Roberto Moreira.