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This was Belinda and Nodal's favorite space in the mansion they shared in Spain

This was Belinda and Nodal’s favorite space in the mansion they shared in Spain

Actress and singer Belinda (33) He moved to Spain with all his family, and there he spends his life these days. However, this is not the first time that the artist has transferred her life and routine to the Old Continent. In fact, while he was in a relationship with the singer Christian NodalBoth celebrities lived in Barcelona, ​​although that stay was short-lived.

And in this old house shared by Catalan singers, the spaces and environments stand out for being quiet and simple; And luxurious at the same time. Indeed, one of my favorite places and the place where they spend the most time Belinda s Streptococcus When they were a married couple and living in Barcelona, ​​it was the kitchen of this house, which today no longer belongs to them.