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This is the name Rafa Nadal and Miri Pirillo gave their son

This is the name Rafa Nadal and Miri Pirillo gave their son

After nearly two decades of relationship, Rafa Nadal and Miri Perillo had become Parents for the first time This Saturday October 8th. A Mallorca woman gave birth at the 37th week of pregnancy and did so in Palma de Mallorca.

At the moment, Nadal has not spoken through his social networks. Nor did they take the traditional position of the press upon discharge from the hospital. But Mallorca newspaper is responsible for spreading the good news.

The couple chose for their offspring a code name: Raphael, like his father. Thus, the little one was already born with a weight on his shoulders bearing the same name as one of the best athletes that our country gave us.

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A few weeks ago, precisely when Meri was 31 weeks old, she had to be in the hospital. According to some media reports at the time, he could have suffered from some Multiples During pregnancy I forced her to rest.

And the tennis player did not separate from his wife for a second. He did it only to attend the Laver Cup one day, where Roger Federer officially said goodbye to professional tennis. There, they left this emotional picture.


Roger Federer couldn’t contain the emotions at London’s O2, nor did Rafa Nadal watching his former rival and now his friend say goodbye at the Laver Cup match.