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This is how Shakira decorated her mansion in Miami to celebrate Halloween with Sasha and Milan Pique

This is how Shakira decorated her mansion in Miami to celebrate Halloween with Sasha and Milan Pique

The Colombian singer showed, on social media, the decorations she made in her mansion in Miami, to celebrate the famous Halloween party.

The Barranquilla woman posted, on her official Instagram account, several photos of the changes she made to her home to join the traditional celebration of “Night of the Witches.”

You can see in the pictures that one of the palace’s stairs is decorated with several white shapes that mimic the image of a bat.

The singer also revealed that there were some small pumpkins in her dining room with several white candles on some of them.

“Creative decor to bring a little joy to the kids this Halloween,” the artist wrote.

The post did not go unnoticed by his loyal followers, who took advantage of the occasion to emphasize its “simplicity and creativity.”

“Very simple”, “She is a good mother” and “The decor was amazing”, were some of the messages left for her by netizens.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that Shakira and her two children, Milan and Sasha, spend Halloween at their home in Miami.

The artist and her two children, Milan and Sasha, began a new life in Miami, United States, after leaving Barcelona, ​​where they lived with former Spanish football player Gerard Pique.

The Barranquilla woman decided to move to Miami after announcing her divorce from the Catalan who, apparently, was unfaithful to her with his current partner, Clara Shea.

After her arrival in the North American country, the singer tried to facilitate the adjustment of her children in their new residence to the extent of asking the media, photographers and paparazzi to protect the right to privacy of her children Milan and Sasha.

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The singer confirmed that after becoming a public figure, she “realizes that there is always curiosity from the press about her life and the life of her family.”

The singer said: “My children Milan and Sasha have had a very difficult year, as they have witnessed continuous sieges and relentless persecution by photographers and various media in Barcelona.”