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Who is the leader of the week – Telemundo Miami (51)

Who is the leader of the week – Telemundo Miami (51)

On a night in which the tension was reduced a little thanks to the musical performance of the Firme group, Tuesday's Leader of the Week test at La Casa de los Famosos served as an incentive for all the residents who did everything in their power to use your aiming and balance skills in the “hunting pieces” of Moving boat.

Thus, after three elimination rounds, it was La Milaza, Maribelli and Paolo, a representative from each quadrant, who reached the final and focused well to achieve victory in the final boss test of this edition of La Casa.

After this process, Maribelli became the new leader of La Casa, an invaluable benefit after weeks of nominations and confrontations with various residents, especially with Lupillo Rivera.

Maribelli chose Romee as her partner in the Commander's Suite, which they occupied for the past week. So they were both very surprised when Nacho Lozano informed them that things were changing because the final was near.

Puerto Rican Hurricane Rome will only be in the ward for one night and not the entire week as has been the norm so far.

But the news did not diminish the joy left by the presence of the group Firme led by Eduin Caz, which on May 10 will begin its tour in the United States.

Little did the residents of La Casa know that the change in the suite is not the only thing they will experience starting tomorrow, because to celebrate the first 100 days of the reality show, one of the rooms will disappear on Wednesday. Which will it be: water, earth, or fire? This will be announced by La Jefa in a few hours.

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In addition, there will be another surprise: a visit from someone who has never been before.

The controversial contestant revealed all as he left La Casa de los Famosos. Monday to Friday and Sunday 7pm/6°C