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Luis Miguel's current relationship with his children has been revealed

Luis Miguel's current relationship with his children has been revealed

Relationship Luis Miguel With his firstborn Michelle Salas For many years, it was practically zero. After maintaining a close relationship, they faced problems due to the singer's autobiographical series in which the influencer and her mother, Stephanie Salas They didn't stand up well. Reconciliation came later when the model also married. Now, the father and daughter are showing off their good coexistence.

“[Luis Miguel y Michelle Salas] They spend a lot of time together, but they don't always take pictures. They live together a lot. “We had dinner together and it was good about a month ago,” he revealed. Rafael HerrerasHe is a close friend of Luis Miguel on the Mexican TV show Windows (TV Azteca). “It's very good [la relación entre ambos]. “They live together and this is normal.”

But the situation is not the same as what their minor children go through. Miguel And Danielwho are raised by their mother Araceli ArambulaWho revealed on repeated occasions that the translator of “I Have Everything Except You” does not support his children, so he was forced to act legally. The actress has also revealed this sun He also has no contact with the boys. Given this, the Mexican businessman also revealed that it happens between minors and their father.

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“no [convive con Miguel y Daniel]. What happens is that [Luis Miguel] “It brings a very complex tour and it is pure travel,” he said. “And the children go to school.”

As Araceli Arambula said, the relationship between her children and the famous person is non-existent and everything seems to indicate that there will be no changes in the short term.

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