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They asked Madison about Patty Navidad and this is what she said

in the middle of a reality contestCelebrity House 3″ There was talk of an alleged rivalry between Madison Anderson And Christmas Patty.

This arose after a Mexican woman cast her vote or incited among her peers to nominate a Puerto Rican to leave the programme.

Madison has been nominated for Leaving Home about six times, but ultimately wins the competition.

The moment they announced the winner, nothing more and nothing less than Paty Navidad, who finished second, held her hand.

Given the supposed rivalry, on Telemundo’s show “La Mesa Caliente” they asked Puerto Ricans for the Mexican.

“It was such an honor to be with her in the end, she’s a woman I admire so much, I respect so much, she’s a very developed woman, so it was such an honor to be there with her holding hands,” Anderson said.

With these expressions, the former Miss Universe Puerto Rico removed doubts about a supposed fight between the two.

Last Monday, Madison Anderson became the third winner of the House of Famous and took home a $200,000 prize.

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