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Leo, today’s horoscope April 26, 2023: Luck marks you

consultation Your horoscope for this Sunday And see what are the predictions in love, health and much more.

LeoThe horoscope tells us that Jupiter’s squaring of the Moon in the twelfth house will allow you to avoid misfortune and solve problems arising from the uncertainty that surrounds you, but you should act with caution and not trust yourself too much.

Today’s forecast

The Moon in the 12th House warns you to arrange all legal matters related to your projects and investments. It’s not a good day to make a decision, just to improve on failures.


The excess of emotion that fills your heart can cloud your view of people and circumstances. Find a way of artistic expression that allows you to let go of your emotions and so you can put your inner world in order.


An overabundance of caloric, spicy or irritating foods in which you seek strength to meet the demands of work will upset your digestive system, weakening you and generating even more stress. Maintain a balanced diet and eat healthy.


It is a good time to think about establishing solid foundations that will ensure long-term financial stability. You should stop procrastinating and avoid making decisions in this matter, because it is the best time to stop jumping from one job to another and look to the future.


Although fate presents you with great financial challenges, you should trust that Mercury in the tenth house is on your side and thanks to him you will not only be able to overcome this moment, but will also reward you with bountiful rewards.

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Spices that cannot be lost in your kitchen will fill your home with good energy

couple expectation

Don’t think too much about it and take things calmly, the atmosphere is tense around you and this affects your love life, so don’t take seriously your conquests on these dates or those who reject you.


Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Work: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Sexual energy: good

Tip of the Day

You should not be unlucky or think that everything is resolved. Take advantage of the blessings of the Cosmos to protect yourself from future misfortunes and solve your major problems.

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