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From the gym Angela Aguilar shows off her stomach of steel and doesn’t even lose her style in activewear

From the gym Angela Aguilar shows off her stomach of steel and doesn’t even lose her style in activewear

Although she sparked controversy after it was confirmed that she had 25 percent Argentine descent, Angela Aguilar She is one of the most popular regional Mexican singers in Mexico and the United States. Her voice, inherited from her artistic family, made her head towards fame, in addition to her perseverance, as she showed her singing skills since she was a little girl. She herself shared her memories from social networks.

However, those who follow her on these virtual platforms also note that little by little she is becoming a standard in the world of fashion. This is because in each of her posts she wears outfits that make her look like no other and she always has one for every occasion. Whether it’s for a festive party, a meeting, or going out to a club, you’ll find plenty of ideas not to go unnoticed.

Something that also caught my attention Angela Aguilar She’s a slim figure and while it’s no secret that she takes great care of herself, she’s never shared a portion of her diet or exercise routine… until now. It was through the stories on her Instagram account that the daughter baby Aguilar He has left some of his grueling training behind, which may involve some boxing.

Angela Aguilar from the gym, where she has never been (Photo: screenshot)

Angela Aguilar showing off her hard stomach

In the only photo that Angela Aguilar Participation can be seen from a wide area with various machines to exercise different parts of the body, as well as some kettle bells lined on the floor. She showed herself like never before, with some tight pants Brown and a tight black top allowed a bit of her steely midriff to peek out of her. This is normal because behind it you can see a bench to strengthen the said area of ​​the body.

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Ángela Aguilar is not limited to food, as she also indulges her taste buds (Photo: @IGangela_aguilar_)

With her hair tied back in a headband and her face covered with her cell phone, for a shot of her from this height, she also revealed a huge sandbag in which she’s definitely boxing, and yeah, she’s probably also downloading all the inconvenience they sometimes generate. haters.

routine Angela Aguilar It starts, like many people do, in the morning, with the clock in the background showing 09:49. After taking a good bath and a well-deserved breakfast, he will continue with his musical projects to pamper his loyal audience.

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