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This is Bella Hadid's life in Texas after she left the catwalk

This is Bella Hadid's life in Texas after she left the catwalk

Model star Bella Hadid has put her career in the fashion world aside after suffering a series of related physical and mental health problems Lyme disease Who was diagnosed in 2012.

After spending years working hard to make her way as a model and stop being just a “sister” Gigi HadidBella started disappearing from shows and fashion weeks sometime last year.

Last August, she confirmed her retirement via Instagram, but promised that she would return when she was ready.

She also explained that she wanted to take some time to have fun and find herself because she became healthy for the first time in 15 years and was not experiencing any symptoms.

She is now enjoying a life away from the spotlight and the paparazzi who followed her to New York, Texas, where she settled with her boyfriend. Adam BanuelosAnd he just gave a rare interview with Allure magazine to talk about this important change.

“After 10 years of modeling, I realized I was putting a lot of energy, love and effort into something that wasn't necessarily worth it in the long run,” she admitted. Bella Hadid.

Today, he does not feel forced to look good when going out or attending events constantly, as he did before, even when he did not want to or was not at his best. Instead, she spends her time in ways that truly fulfill her, like horseback riding, which was her great passion before Lyme disease forced her to give it up as a potential career.

“Now, if I'm not feeling good, I'll take time for myself. And I've never had the opportunity to do or say that before. Now, when someone sees me in a photo and says I look happy, I'm really happy. I feel better; my bad days now are My good old days.

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