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The waiting time is over!  Eduardo Antonio finally shows his face after plastic surgery

The waiting time is over! Eduardo Antonio finally shows his face after plastic surgery

The big day has arrived! Eduardo Antonio He finally showed all his followers the results of his plastic surgery.

There is no doubt that this is the moment that his fans have been waiting for, eager to see the artist’s image change.

Divo promised that His first public appearance He will be on a national television show and chose “At Home with Telemundo.”

However, he also took to the networks to leave a very nice message to all those who were aware of his health in recent months.

“I know many people really wanted to see me again, I’m back with a new face, with more energy, with more happiness. The bad time is over, what’s coming now is about music, it’s about smiles, it’s about life.

“I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, everyone who sent me a good idea, and you, my fans, who are certainly the reason for my existence. We will see each other, we will always see each other, because I carry you here in my heart,” El Divo added.

Eduardo Antonio’s Instagram video unleashed a wave of compliments in the comments: “How beautiful! You are Ken!” “Wow, what a good doctor made you beautiful”; “You are more beautiful than ever”; “But that’s beauty”; “You looked Beautiful”; “God but how beautiful”; “to cry over the loss of simply beautiful tea”; “Well, I see you as beautiful, without any changes that make you look different, amazing, natural. “It’s good that you’re back soon.”

Everything seems to indicate that the wait was worth it, as praise has been pouring in for the artist. But there are more surprises because next November 5 will witness his return to the stage View in style And With luxury guests.

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