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What happened with the RBD round fraud comes to light

What happened with the RBD round fraud comes to light

when Rebel tourRBD’s successful reunion tour concluded, it emerged that its members were apparently victims of a million-dollar scam by their representative. Guillermo Rosas. While none of the participants expressed anything about it, it has now been revealed that it happened. He was Andres TovarHusband Mighty Perronewho gave details about this matter.

“There is a gap in what they say came in or what profits the tour made compared to what they got,” Tovar revealed to the Mexican TV program. Windows (TV Azteca). “There is an audit process underway. They are reviewing the internal issue of the entire round and are also considering talking to the companies involved to find out the issue of resources, where are they? How much?”

According to the TV producer, the important thing was to conduct a comprehensive review of the resources generated; Which continues to progress. “I talk about it with my wife. [Maite Perroni]The most responsible thing in any company, tour or business is to conduct an internal audit so that you can present accounts to all partners. He explained that in the case of RBD, in particular, it was very important that they locked down the numbers until the end. “They’re still at it. It takes several months to review a tour of this size.


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The person responsible for this case Come to Rossio He also announced how the members of the famous band were going. “All of the RBDs have independent lawyers,” he said. “There is an American lawyer who has been appointed to review the company that they have actually established in the United States since the tour, and he is taking the necessary steps to make sure that all the numbers are correct; Review all contracts and everything that needs to be done.


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Regarding the possibility of another tour, as has been rumored, Andres Tovar believes that at the moment he does not see it as a possibility. He concluded by saying: “I think they should close the vetting process for this round, before thinking about whether they want to do another round.”

It should be noted that following the congratulatory message that I am her He sent his alleged impostor, and it was reported that the rest of the singers, Maite Perrone, Sweet Maria, Christian Chavez And Christopher AukermanThey turned away from her. Which could be another hurdle for the second round.

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