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Lupillo Rivera doesn’t plan to see Maribelli again

Lupillo Rivera doesn’t plan to see Maribelli again

It was also recorded via screens The famous houseIn the fourth part, strong confrontations were witnessed and great competitions arose. One of them was among Maribelli Rivera And Lupillo RiveraWho show more and more discontent towards each other every day. Now, the singer mentioned who he would like to be friends with outside of the popular Telemundo reality show and did not mention the Dominican model.

This happened during the party Carol JosephEntertainment Editor People in SpanishThe artist asked the following: “Lupillo, when you leave the House of Celebrity, will you resume your friendship with any member of the Tierra Chamber? Who will it be and will you invite to your home?”

“There are two people with whom I will resume my relationship. Clovis He’s someone I love very much, and he’s a very capable human being. Diva “He is a heart with two feet that walks everywhere,” Lobelo replied during the ceremony. “At one time I got along well with him.” RomansI would also like to have a relationship with him. Being inside here, because we do not know what is happening outside, here you are thinking about one thing, and when you leave, there could be something else. So, if God gives me the opportunity to establish a relationship and friendship with the entire Fourth Earth again, I will gladly do so.”

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But that was not all. When another journalist asked Maribelli who she would never see again, she said it was her brother Jenni Rivera; To which he responded by saying that he did not want to have any new dealings with the businesswoman either.

Everything seems to indicate that Maribelli and Lupillo Rivera do not intend to get rid of the rough edges that arose during the broadcast. The famous house It turns out to be a phenomenon full of plots, strategies and alliances between members, with the sole goal of surviving until the end, which, by the way, is near.

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