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The surprising treasure someone found in an abandoned storage unit in Oregon

The surprising treasure someone found in an abandoned storage unit in Oregon

Wade Venture, 37, bought between 400 and 500 volumes in the past, But nothing compares to the amazing discovery he made in this space, An exception to every rule in this field.

“It’s rare to find a unit like this in particular, you’ll often find household items or trash,” Fincher told Southwest News Service. He shares that he usually donates most of the things he finds For charity, until this hidden treasure is found.

Part of the discovery of a young man who is valued at a great fortune.

What the Portland man found in the warehouse

This was loneliness Filled from top to bottom with designer clothes, With an estimated value of $70,000. Venture subsequently purchased the unit on March 27 Just see some pictures.

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Moreover, he assured the media that this is not something that is really happening, quite the opposite: “People think I’ve been doing this for so long that I’ve seen it all, But I’ve never found a unit like this before.”

When he started looking through the piles of abandoned things, he was very excited about it Find more than 400 pairs of shoesincluding brands such as Gucci and Coach, fur coats and other items worth $8000, Many still have marks on them.

While the tank was purchased for less than $410, this coat is valued at over $1,500.

“I usually find The items are 30% new and 70% used“But it was all new,” he commented, adding that the previous owner was a private buyer.

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The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, appears to have been “hiding” this place for a long time: “She wasn’t just buying ordinary things; “I was shopping at Macy’s and JCPenney.”

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Now what to do with finding the most amazing designer clothes

The Portland man began reselling the items inside the warehouse, and fortunately, One coat costs $1,500. So he started estimating how much profit he would get All goods have been discovered.

The full-time content creator and distributor posts on his social media channels, including @wadesventures on Instagram and YouTube. To give viewers an inside look at this And many other discoveries.

The man suspects that the previous owner may have suffered from a shopping addiction.

From fur coats to shoes, The man suspects that the woman has got some Type of problematic consumption Regarding the space in which the abandoned objects were found.

“And most likely it was Procurement problem. People speculated that she might have been hiding it from her husband.” She commented inquiringly. “It was an amazing experience, it surprised me a lot. “Units like this are truly rare and special.”