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They have a conversation that clarifies the gender gaps in science

They have a conversation that clarifies the gender gaps in science

And then CA Hall.DI-UMAG held a discussion entitled Radiography Gender and Women’s Participation in CTCI (Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation).

The activity, which is open to the general public, aims to highlight the gender gaps in the CTCI system, and to discuss how these differences can be reduced from a Magellan perspective.

CTCI Agent

The discussion was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Carolina Ginza, who is visiting the Magallanes region for the first time.

Gainza highlighted his ability to identify important challenges occurring in the region in terms of research. “We want to know how we as a ministry can cooperate with regional challenges, so that these investigations benefit the people of the region.”

Regarding her presentation at the event, the agent talked about “Radiografia.” “It is very important, because it exposes us both nationally and regionally to gender inequality in the world of innovation, research and technology.”

Meanwhile, Seremi of Science of the Southern Macrozone, Verónica Vallejos, appreciated the opportunity to speak about these issues from the region and how women are participating in them.

“It was expected before the pandemic that we would achieve equality between men and women in a hundred years, but after the pandemic this is expected to happen in 136 years. This is also well known in science and technology, which is why it is important to have these conversations,” Vallegos said.

A participant in this case is Cynthia Orellana, Director of Gender, Equity and Diversity at UMAG, whose subject is Normative Support for Gender Equality and Gender Stereotypes, and Representative for Gender Equality and Non-discrimination in Chile. Antarctic Institute, Geraldine Asensio, who spoke on “Women’s Participation in Antarctic Science”.

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