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#ReumaExpo2022, the event that will revolutionize the lives of rheumatic patients in Puerto Rico

#ReumaExpo2022, the event that will revolutionize the lives of rheumatic patients in Puerto Rico

Information and coverage of this event will be available in the various networks and media of FER and through MSP.

Find out the agenda for this event #ReumaExpo2022. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

On August 13th, during this big event, the goal is to reach everyone who needs guidance or needs to know and understand any of the following terms:

Therefore, the event will be purely virtual from the official pages of the institution as well as from the Allied Journal of Medicine and Public Health, with media coverage via social networks.

As part of the development of this event, by Puerto Rican Foundation for Rheumatic DiseasesIts mission is for patients to achieve a state of remission and successful treatment, to answer all their questions and to make them aware of their condition.

In order for patients with any of the rheumatic diseases to “lead a healthier, more active and more productive life, and enjoy it thanks to the management of their condition, we provide some tools and information that will be very helpful for them to help,” says Grisel Lugo, Executive Director of FE.

The program will highlight various novelties, new events related to various rheumatic diseases, and also what is the general panorama of Puerto Rico regarding the prevalence of these diseases; Likewise, there will be a panel of patients, who will speak from their life experiences, diagnose, treat, and refer “successful patients who have been able to overcome this fear and indecisiveness to be able to take responsibility for the condition,” says Lugo.

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inside Expo In 2022 there will also be a team of patients and specialists, from institutions and other organizations that are part of this work looking for information and guidance for new patients on the island, joining and creating alliances for those seeking help.

One of the main approaches, along with patient education, is to recognize differential symptoms so that they can go to primary care physicians and even specialists, with actually controlling the symptoms allowing them to quickly establish a method of care and treatment.

“The patient has some responsibilities, not everything can be left to the health professional, and sometimes they have the idea that the doctor is the one who does everything, and the patient also has to cooperate in restoring his health,” Lugo says. You must be able to do joint work by patients and health professionals, to ensure easy navigation.

Due to the number of factors influencing the diagnosis, the role of the patient is vital throughout the process, said Director FE“Patient education is important, and you have to take charge of your condition until you feel better.”

Watch the full programme: