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“They both suck”;  Schneider’s powerful message to Edson Sanchez

“They both suck”; Schneider’s powerful message to Edson Sanchez

Mexico City /

Ajax’s gift is not the best. They score five consecutive ties and finish in fifth place. however, Edson Alvarez and Jorge Sanchez, despite the club’s crisis, have established themselves in the starting line-upBut they don’t seem to convince the masses.

Mexicans have received endless criticism, especially the side that they never tire of destroying week after week in the Netherlands. However, they both have a detractor who never stops criticizing them.

Which player criticized the Mexicans?

Wesley Sneijder never gets tired of beating Jorge Sanchez and Edson Alvarez, claiming that they do not have the level to play with Ajax. He recently lashed out at the two and admitted he’s received thousands of reactions from Mexicans, but still maintains that the two are “abominable”.

“I’m not a fan of Alvarez. Last week I said something about Sanchez too. My mailbox is full of Mexicans. They were not happy. I don’t know if Ajax matches are broadcast there, you watch them too, right? They both stink,” commented the former Holland captain.

Why is it marked?

Jorge Sanchez and Edson Alvarez are regular starters for the Amsterdam squad, but the team hasn’t done well this season, so Many of them were Mexicans As factors for Ajax’s bad move.

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