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Summary of the Lecce match against Salernitana (1-2).  Objectives

Summary of the Lecce match against Salernitana (1-2). Objectives

Mexico City /

Guillermo Ochoa’s big day has arrived! Salernitana finally won Upon his return from Mexican to European football l 2-1 to LecceSo Breaking a seven-game Serie A drought of not winningSince the last win for these from Salerno was in October last year against Lazio, Memo is now not a factor like in other games.

salernitana can breathe, He had a great game at Lecce’s home In doing so, he obtained an important victory It looked like the team was shrinking to go into the relegation zonebut now they can calm the murky waters.

Barely five minutes had passed on the clock when he was Salernitana took the lead with a great goal scored by Boulay Diawho had the ball on the outside before a bad rebound from the defense and ordered it saved.

Those from Salerno were unrecognizable, they were a completely different team than what was shown at the start of 2023 and At 20′ Vilhena put the second goal in front of LecceThe score is important, but so is the way they play.

Although the local team was able to discount after 23 minutes as a result of defensive errors by Salernitana, the visitors took control of the match. Memo Ochoa, unlike other games, was not basic.

in the game, Ochoa was very calmIt’s been a long time since that happened to him in a match in Europe, because in most of the teams he played in the Old Continent He always had to wear a hero suit.

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The win puts Salernitana in 14th place with 21 units, clear of the teams fighting not to be relegated to Serie B.