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There is no consistency in this case.

There is no consistency in this case.


The National Jury Committee (CNA) made a difficult decision with player Hector Rodriguez, who violated internal regulations before the end of the first round of the 2022 Clausura Championship.

The arbitrator requested permission to go to the United States, claiming he had “personal problems” to solve. However, the judge went on to lead the bureaucratic league matches in the North American country.

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And the Commission, through an official statement, informed Rodriguez that he is out of arbitration in both the National League and Liga de Ascenso in Honduras.

Official announcement from the Central News Agency

Dear Mr. Rodriguez:

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 1, 2022.

In connection with your application, we inform you that the National Jury and Technical Department did not consider you to be part of this panel’s judging staff for upcoming tournaments in any category.

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Without further ado, we subscribe to your channel.”as stated in the statement of the National Jury signed by Oscar Velasquez, its president, and Benigno Pineda, coordinator of the technical department.

Benin Pineda explains in detail

Benigno Pineda, Technical Department Coordinator From the National Jury, he explained the case of Hector Rodriguez and how the “lying” leaves him far from being a whistleblower in the first and second divisions of Honduras.

“The National Arbitration Committee (CNA) has its own bylaw of application and one of the situations the regulation refers to is that the referee in the middle of the tournament goes to another country (USA) to direct the bureaucracy and withdraw from the active tournament,” Pineda told the Meridian Sports Program on Freedom Radio: Also, it will be practically not affiliated with the National League, or from the leagues managed by the Commission.”

and added: The situation with Hector is that the tournament that has just ended sent a note to the committee requesting travel permits for personal reasons, and this is what was stated in the note, and the request was not accepted because the committee did not grant that in the middle of the tournament go to another country, unless there is justify it.

Therefore, everyone knows that Rodriguez went to lead the bureaucratic parties in the United States. A referee with great experience and great ability and we are here in a complex tournament teams fighting relegation, There is no thread in this case to leave the Federation Championship to go to direct the bureaucracy. Then the National Arbitration Commission is expelled in application of the regulations and as a procedure within the group.”

Benigno could not understand the decision of Hector Rodriguez, who would rather go to the United States to whistle the bureaucratic leagues than continue whistling in Clausura 2022 of the National League.

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“How is the referee going to leave a league tournament to go to direct bureaucratic procedures elsewhere? Nobody here invents anything and we need referees with his expertise; aha, and he comes wanting to bring it back as if nothing had happened, something that doesn’t add up.”

This is not the first time this issue has occurred, the national arbitral tribunal is only asking that things be done based on what is stipulated in the bylaws.

“Look, these cases have happened, and some of the referees left for the US when the tournament ended and we understand why we needed financially. Some of those whistles went to direct the US without the commission’s permission, and the entity came and asked them to order, saying, ‘The referee who wants to go to the States must United is on vacation, out for a walk and wants to play live matches, request a permit. Some committed to it and there are no problems, but they just finished the championship.”

Hector Rodriguez has been excluded from tournaments coordinated by the national jury, Benigno Pineda reported.

“In this case, from a certain date of the first round, Hector sends a note, but he does not wait for the permit to be approved, rather he leaves there and heads there. He can continue to referee but not in tournaments coordinated by the national jury.

Is he excluded from the National League?

“Right. He doesn’t get kicked out of the judging (but he can’t direct at the start or second), imagine we have business procedures here, guys who want to stand out, but seeing these attitudes affected.”

Did Hector Rodriguez say he was going on vacation?

No, he sent a note requesting permission to travel for personal reasons. I’ve always told the governors they have to be honest and tell the truth, but Hector left on Friday and on Sunday he seems to be cuddled up with other Spurs in the States. We don’t criticize it, but it would have been better to say: I’m going to direct there, we want to understand it all, but in the disciplinary part we accept a referee who went to direct bureaucratic matters as if nothing had happened. ..so we have to take care of the arbitration group, and apply the law the same way for everyone.”

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Why has Hector Rodriguez’s performance declined in recent years?

“For me, Hector was one of the best stewards the country has ever known. I told him personally: ‘Hector, you don’t realize you were one of our best stewards,’ but I want to leave. FIFA and Concacaf, it is they who decide who has the ability,” concluded the Coordinator of the Technical Section of the National Jury.

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