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There are still 36 MIR posts in Family and Community Medicine remaining vacant

There are still 36 MIR posts in Family and Community Medicine remaining vacant

The CSIF health sector in Jaén expressed its “deep concern” after the expiration of the deadline for the allocation of places for specialist health training (MIR) corresponding to the fiscal year 2023-2024, leaving 64 vacant places in Andalusia in the specialization in family and community medicine, more than half of them, 36, in Ji'an County. As a result, he called for “economic incentives and improved working conditions” that would make choosing these jobs attractive to professionals.

The CSIF deeply regrets this situation, however, “it does not surprise us and we have been warning for some time that many resident doctors will not be attracted to choose a position in primary care in certain areas, as has been the case,” CSIF President of Health in Jaén, Eva Clavero.

The union headquarters believes that “the reason is simple and is due to the poor practical and economic conditions provided to resident doctors, regardless of whether their location is in the capital or in an area far from the main urban centers.” “Where there is special isolation.”

For CSIF Health, “This is an additional problem to the already precarious situation of primary care, where the overload of work, with up to 40 patients per doctor's shift, and the shortage of professionals in all categories – due to poor coverage – waiting lists are growing to extremes.” “Unbearable”

“If we add to this the lack of recognition of the specialty of Family and Community Medicine, the worse wages than other specialties, and the lack of incentives from the administration, it is not difficult to understand the result of this allocation of MIR places for the year 2023-2024,” explains Clavero.

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Given this situation, the Ministry of Health has set a new exceptional call for which applications can be submitted from today, Monday, April 22nd, until next Wednesday, the 24th, the date on which places will be granted. This is a measure that, in the Union's opinion, “does not solve the basic problem and will simply correct the situation and improve coverage figures to some extent.”

In this sense, the CSIF once again asks the administration to “implement economic incentives”, as well as “improve the conditions of positions that are difficult to fill” in primary care, due to “excessive care, bureaucratic burden, and distance from health”. Medical centers and the excessive number of guards required there, making it very difficult to reconcile the personal and professional lives of medical staff. He concluded that for the trade union centre, this is “the only possible way to solve the problem which otherwise will get worse in the coming years”.