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Eureka, the science school where kids learn and play

Eureka, the science school where kids learn and play

“Science is a way to build a safe space and belonging for children,” he says. Facundo AlonsoProfessor of Educational Sciences and Director EurekaThe first “school” of science free Directed to children in Itozingo.

At Eureka School you can Learn and play consciousness. It is a space for teaching and scholarly publishing, but most importantly, fun. Its goal is to democratize access to scientific knowledge, foster children's interest in various subjects, as well as create a space for pedagogical advocacy and support.

“Eureka – the project – was born from a group of professionals, many of us active in political and social fields, from the Ituzingo region,” explains Facundo in an interview with Clarion. Among them are education specialists; Psychology, physical and chemical sciences, anthropologists, civil engineers, pharmacists, social workers, even doctors of biology, artists and therapeutic companions, workers my honor.

Science Fair in Eureka.

Their activity began in 2017 when, on the occasion of Children's Day or Three Kings Day, they implemented innovative proposals such as science exhibitions, experience-based games and interaction with green spaces and squares.

In addition to the scientific spread in the region, especially after the 2020 quarantine, Yurika and her director noted that “socialization must be strengthened in childhood,” so their first activity after the end of the quarantine in 2021 was the science fair in the aviation neighborhood of Ituzingo.

Experiences in Eureka workshops.Experiences in Eureka workshops.

In May 2022, they were able to establish their school and finished establishing themselves as a community association. It operates on Belin Street, in the Aviation District. “We have the support of the Province of Buenos Aires and the volunteer work of parents and teachers who are lending a helping hand to this project,” explains the director.

They are currently in their third year of registration Receive Almost to 150 children Weekly, for all primary school-age children. With the aim of accompanying and monitoring the learning of each “little scientist”, as the director says, they work in “pedagogical pairs”, generally professionals from the technical field with someone from the human field, with small groups of 12 or 15 people maximum children.

In workshops adapted to the group – based on natural science curricula for primary education and materials developed with schools or research teams – they analyze plants, acids, bases and water and their properties, study different groups of elements and make observations using a microscope, among other activities and games.

Facundo Alonso, Eureka's principal, speaks with students.Facundo Alonso, Eureka's principal, speaks with students.

Space has its own librarya Vegetable garden And a greenhouse Built with his own hands, they are all designed for the use of those who attend the workshops.

As a primary goal, Eureka promotes the possibility of continuing secondary technical training or scientific orientation: “We believe that in developing a safe society, committed to others, it is important to strengthen the productive forces that knowledge provides with technical education,” says Facundo.