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Holguín University of Medical Sciences graduate health technologists

Holguín University of Medical Sciences graduate health technologists

The University of Medical Sciences (UCMHo) on Friday graduated 322 young people from five day courses and by meeting, from 13 short-cycle higher technical training programs and from eight technical health specialties, who completed their studies at Arides Estévez Branch Sanchez de Holguin.

Alumni are a new force that the province will rely on in the future to support medical services for the population of Holguín in primary and secondary healthcare.

Medical-Sciences-Technologists-1.jpg The best alumnus of this Arides Estévez affiliate promotion. Photographs: Dianisil Pallister Garrido

In this act, which took place on Friday at UCMHo, an emotional moment was formed by the presentation of awards to members of the Mario Muñoz Monroe avant-garde movement, which students have joined since their integration into the House of Graduate Studies in the professions of medical sciences. With the aim of achieving integrated development in their university life.

In the same way, the Golden titles were conferred on eight young men for their relevant results in the academic field, as well as the best graduates in their careers, who took the oath of a graduate of medical sciences, under the guidance of a graduate in rehabilitation Sergio Ernesto González Hernández, the most comprehensive professional of this graduation, who It is part of the forty-fifth class of UCMHo.

    Technicians 7

Mertha Ramirez Estupinian, Branch Director, noted “the satisfaction felt by the faculty of the institution with this new class of graduates, with the excellent results of each young man in his final training. We were able to appreciate the high preparation and high responsibility.”

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Ramirez stated, “They can now be considered health workers, and part of the honorable army of white coats, which constitutes great pride. Being a worker in the sector is one who exercises the greatest, noblest, most humane and altruistic profession.”

Medical sciences technologists 2

Finally, the moment the students have been waiting for has arrived, which is the handing over of titles by their teachers, who have guided them during these years on the path of duty and responsibility, imbued with the knowledge that, henceforth, they are called upon to put into practice. In practice in the care units where they will work.

This graduation ceremony is dedicated to the memory of the historical leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, our national hero Jose Martí, the 60th anniversary of the Islamic Courts Union, and the 64th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution.

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