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Eight applicants tied for first place in Human Medicine at the National University of Piura: the case raises doubts

Eight applicants tied for first place in Human Medicine at the National University of Piura: the case raises doubts

The Faculty of Human Medicine at the National University of Piura (UNP) witnessed an unprecedented event, as eight applicants reached the same maximum score in the entrance examination. (Facebook National University of Piura)

The wish of thousands of young people when they finish school is Entering the university. For this reason, they start applying in search of a place in one of the jobs on offer. Among the options are private and public universities, and in the last category is the National University of Piura (One p).

Recently, surprising news caught the attention of residents in the north of the country. On the morning of Monday 22 April, the United National Party announced the election results General entrance examination 2024, which took place the day before, April 21. These results have been validated previously Qualifying Committee for the aforementioned exam.

A notable event occurred in College of Human MedicineEight applicants obtained the same grade: 387.25. These students were able to enter first place in the merit ranking along with others 14 applicants Those who received lower grades.

The UNP admission test reveals a unique status in the medical school. (Configuration: Infobae/Andina)
  • Altamirano Collantes – John Elvis
  • Bustamante Vasquez-John Elvier
  • Chimoy Paz Cielo Belen
  • Cruz Tinio-Lilliam is a gem
  • Garcia Rojas-Devin Gerson
  • Herrera Guevara Jason Breen
  • Rojas Tirado-Cindy Yamilette
  • So tokto yo.
History of John Bustamante (X: @baumandemetz)

In view of this very strange fact that has raised doubts on social networks, because it will be the first time in the history of this study house, Eight people They got exactly the same result, reaching first place in One pBeyond this strange equivalence, what is truly surprising are the stories behind these “remarkable results.”

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The investigation he conducted Liam Rojas Medina, It reveals that the majority of applicants come from Other regions of the country. That is, most of the first jobs were previously offered to universities outside Piura.

Let's take a case Burgos Vasquez Maylinwhich only six months ago achieved a modest score 732 out of 2000 At the Universidad Pedro Ruiz Gallo (UNPRG) in Lambayeque, today he obtained the highest marks at the National University of Piura.

The trend is repeated with Maruvo Yanera tireswhich less than a year ago did not reach the minimum grades in Schott National UniversityA, and today it is at the top of the results in Piura.

Alban Caballero Hilvio Johnwho held this position only a month ago 347 in the pre-national examination, IDEPUNP Summer session from January to March 2024 of the National University of Piura, which is now located in Second place In human medicine degree.

In case Toledo Davila Shuri Mercedes It is even more surprising, with one of the lowest scores on the school's exam Aerospace General Entrance Examination (ADES 2024 – 0) just three months ago, and today he is third in the race.

History of Silo Chimoy. (x:@bomandemetz)

John Bustamantecoming from National University of Toribio Rodriguez in Mendoza, Amazonas (UNTRM) from Chachapoyas, did not achieve the minimum grades in several previous attempts, but is now finding his place in Piura, even after trying to enter Chota National Autonomous University in 2023.

Shimui SkyWhich ranked 46th in Special general entrance examination In January's mathematics major, he now shares the same score as the other seven students who placed first in… University of Piura.

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Finally, first place Altamirano Collantes John Elviswho last year failed to enroll in officer school in 2023, is now the highest-scoring participant in human medicine.

The admission process of the National University of Piura (UNP) faces the challenge of unfilled vacancies, which generates thoughts about access to higher education and quality standards. (Facebook: National University of Piura)

However, after counting the results, it was found that A A large number of vacant posts remained unfilled. UNP University Council, in strict compliance with the regulations established by the University Act and University autonomy lawI decided not to leave those spaces empty.

Chairman of the admission committee, Humberto Correa CanovaIn a press conference, he highlighted the numbers that summarize the situation. Subordinate 1,076 vacancies offered to General admission examination and its methodsJust 414 Owner found.

For the 2024 general entrance examination, 952 places were initially allocated, but exam winners received only 292 places. This means that 666 vacant positions remain unfilled.

Canova belt He pointed out that the university’s regulations are clear regarding admission to the institution, as admission is based on merit without any exception. This is how a strict system is created, where academic excellence is the primary criterion.

He added that Article 68 The said rule states that “Applicants who enter the university enter Access to vacancy And precisely Medal of MeritIn this regard, he indicated that his committee will continue its work today and that it will publish tomorrow, April 23, the final and official list of those enrolled in this higher educational institution.

The National University of Piura (UNP) reaffirms its commitment to quality education and confronts the challenges of the pandemic and other factors affecting the admission process. (University of Piura)

He explained that National University of Piura, will maintain the quality of the exam. “Quality is not in doubt. There is no problem with exams in literature, science or medicine. The problem is in Quality and responsiveness of applicants“, warned the Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

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however, Canova belt He did not neglect to point out the challenges facing the educational system. The pandemic has left a certain devastation in teaching, affecting everyone Whether at the primary or secondary level. This reality, combined with other factors such as student anxiety and structural deficiencies of the system, remains an obstacle to overcome in higher education.