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UASD Institute of Science holds a workshop entitled "Designing and Redesigning Study Plans in Distance Methods"

UASD Institute of Science holds a workshop entitled “Designing and Redesigning Study Plans in Distance Methods”

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO. – The Faculty of Science of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), together with the Vice-Chancellors of Teaching, Research and Graduate Studies, as well as the Directorate of Virtual Education, held a workshop on “Design and Redesign of Study Plans in Distance Modalities”.

The objective of the activity is to prepare the documents required by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT), to offer jobs in virtual and mixed modalities at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in that academy.

The event was led by the Vice President of Teaching, Dr. Wilson Mejia, and Radamis Silverio Research and Graduate Studies. Dean of Science, teacher José Ferreira Capilan and Director of Virtual Education at the institution, teacher Jasmine Hernandez.

Dr. Mejia expressed that virtual education is the present and must be assumed with quality standards, and emphasized that the initiative to give the workshop will enhance this method of education at the university, he said, the jobs that are met by the offered in distance education modalities will be considered.

For his part, Mr. Silverio highlighted the importance of the workshop for the process of redesigning the curriculum in which the Academy finds itself, emphasizing the commitment of the new authorities, headed by the remarkable Rector, Master Editorides Beltran Chrysostomo, to the quality of virtualization. education.

Whereas teacher Ferreira Capilan, when welcoming, thanked the authorities for hosting the call and expressed the importance of the workshop to bring about a redesign of the curriculum that includes distance modalities for those topics and/or professions that apply.

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Meanwhile, it was the teacher Hernandez, who specializes in curriculum design for distance modalities, who presented the workshop and explained all the elements, in accordance with the regulations of the regulatory body, to be taken into account when developing a study plan in modalities. Not face to face and assured that this training will be developed in all faculties.

The activity was attended by various state university authorities, such as vice deans, principals, curriculum design coordinators, graduate coordinators, graduate coordinators, chair coordinators, among others.