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El ejercicio de gusano se ha hecho muy popular

If you want to strengthen your abdomen, arms and legs, the worm exercise will help you achieve that

It is one of the star exercises Among the lovers of exercise, CrossFit and healthy living in general. It is known as Worm exercise And its benefits are so many that it no longer lacks any routine Maintaining fitness.

The name of the exercise comes from the fact that movements Which is executed when executed reminder Worm movement. This is really easy to perform, But the best thing is that you will start with him Different muscles of the body And the work that is done with him is very effective.

The The success of this exercise is that, because it is very simple to implement, it saves a lot Benefits. Among them, it helps to harmonize the whole body, as it activates the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen and back, especially the hamstrings.

It is also perfect for heatingAs it stimulates different parts of the body. It also helps us improve balance and spine stability.

How to do a worm exercise

for the purpose of exercise performance From the worm you will need a smooth and firm surface. For this you can use a yoga mat, for example, which also allows you to do the exercise at home.

The worm exercise begins stands up. You stand looking at the mat with your legs open, making sure your feet are at shoulder or hip height. Next, begin to tilt your body forward and work your way down until your hands are on the floor, in front of your feet.

In the worm exercise, we advance until we are on a wooden board

From here you start at Move forward with arms and hands forward, to form a triangle with the body first and then extend it until it is in plank stand and with straight back.

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Remember that in this exercise it is important to have your body weight keep on arms and handsAnd not on the legs. There are those who advance with the palms and those who prefer to do it with the forearms, in this case you can choose the option that you feel most comfortable with.

As we go forward and on the ground, you should pay attention to contracting with Radfan and the belly to work on it more effectively.

The worm exercise can be performed in groups of 10 reps To get started, increase the frequency little by little. It is an exercise that must be done slowly and making sure the back is straight to avoid injury.