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There are only three candidates for the Mexican national team;  So far, the new DT has not been closed

There are only three candidates for the Mexican national team; So far, the new DT has not been closed

The FMF is in the final stretch to name “Tata” Martino’s successor, there are only three candidates left to make it to the Tri

Mexico. – that Mexican Football Federation (FMF) is in the final stage of determining the national coach who will manage Mexican national team In the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Sources within FMF’s revealed ESPN That the initial list of candidates has been reduced and there are “two, three applicants” left for the position left vacant by Gerardo Tata Martino after a failure Mexico In the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The task of selecting a national coach, whose group will be limited to the national environment, is daunting. Those responsible for expressing opinion and making decisions “make very careful analyzes so as not to fail in the elections; they are analyzed from different points of view” Now that the World Cup will be on our land; Therefore, “until today the national coach has not closed,” said the same source, and said that the door has not been closed to anyone with a successful resume and career.

The captains are still in the process of talking to those already lesser candidates who know Mexican football, its problems and the players, and at the same time report back to the club owners so that they can give their opinion.

The same source confirmed that they are somehow working on a forced rally, trying to ensure that the report on the project to restructure Mexican football that was promised by the President of the Russian Football Union, Yon de Luisa, at the end of January, can link it. With the appointment of a new commander.

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The whistleblower said that “a whole team is involved in what we need to do this week” to decide who will be the national coach and explained that there have been two months of evaluations and analysis related to this person who wants to please fans.

The features of the new strategist, according to the source, are not limited to his way of seeing football, to the style of play, but also to a series of variables such as treating the player, good communication and understanding between the parties.

The federations and owners of Liga MX clubs feel a strong commitment to the country after the major setback in Qatar and have proposed a comprehensive and in-depth review of the performance of the last World Cup in Qatar. Mexican national teamin addition to other World Cup tournaments to draw better results.

The source judged that World Cup 2026 It is considered as a revenge union and commitment to repositioning Mexico In the world arena, it is no longer retreating, as is the case in Qatar, but moving forward. He stated that the idea is to get a national coach as soon as possible and advance the processes and election times, since it is very important for the federations to give certainty to Mexican football.