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This is how the UEFA Nations League semi-finals will play out

This is how the UEFA Nations League semi-finals will play out

Nyon, Switzerland. – CroatiaThe bronze medal in Qatar World Cupwas paired with the host Netherlands in the semi-finals of the The League of Nations In June, when Italy s Spain They would repeat their competition rivalry in the other semi-final.

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All four countries were group champions league Last year, he will compete in the mini-tournament in the middle of the year to determine the title 2022-23.

Draw on Wednesday, held at the headquarters UEFA in Swisson condition that the Dutch receive the Croatians, recent World Cup semi-finalists, in Rotterdam on 14 June, while Italy and Spain meet in Enschede the next day.

The winners will advance to a final Rotterdam On June 18th and the match for third place will be held on the same day at chant.

Spain was the runner-up France In the final edition, in 2021, after eliminating the hostess Italy In the semifinals with a double Ferran Torres In a 2-1 win at Milan.

Italy and the Netherlands They also return for the second time to the final stage, while Croatia He does it for the first time.

The Italians finished third in 2021, while the Dutch finished second in the inaugural edition in which it was held Portugal in 2019.

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the The League of Nations he Competition every two years Disputed by all European countries, which are divided into structure The league has four levels. In fact, it has replaced friendlies previously played on dates on the international match calendar.

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