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Team Cuba announces the 2023 World Baseball Classic – SwingCompleto

Team Cuba announces the 2023 World Baseball Classic – SwingCompleto

Posted by Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zass

After several months of waiting and after a rosary of posturing related to the case, on the night of Wednesday, January 25, the Cuban Federation of Baseball (FCB) officially announced the Cuba team that will participate in the V World Classic. From Baseball 2023, a contest that will be held next March.

The cast was composed of 2 catchers, 8 catchers, 6 outfielders and 14 pitchers, combining players active in National Series Baseball with others playing in foreign professional leagues under their own management, including the majors.

As is known, the manager of the team is an experienced Armando Johnson, who will be seconded by a team of coaches selected from the local championship.

Without further ado, we leave you here with Team Cuba presented today by FCB for the V World Baseball Classic

Receiver (2):

Andres Perez

Lorenzo Quintana

Interveners (8):

Ariel Martinez

Barbary Irispil areriobroena

Diane Garcia

Louis Vincent Mathew

Yadel Mojica Diaz

Urizbel Gracial

Yuan Moncada

Andy Ibanez

Gardeners (6):

Wilkes Guibert

Roel Santos

Yader Drake

Alfredo Despigny

Eunice Cespedes

Lewis Robert

Jugs (14):

Yoenni Yera

Levan Moinelo

Carlos Juan Vieira

Rydel Martinez

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Yariel Rodriguez

Frank Abel Alvarez

Nile Cruise

Jose Ramon Rodriguez

Eudice Reyes

Onilky Garcia

Ronald Bolano

Luis Miguel Romero

Eliane Leva

Roennes Elias

The technical team:

Armando Johnson (Director)

German Mesa (bank coach)

Rafael Muñoz (assistant third base)

Armando Ferrer (Principal Assistant)

Pedro Luis Lazo (shooting coach)

José Elósegui (Pitching Coach)

Humberto Guevara (physical trainer)

Orestes Kindelán (Bitting Coach)