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The University of Zaragoza can increase medical places by 10% for the next academic year

The University of Zaragoza can increase medical places by 10% for the next academic year

The University of Zaragoza Expectations 10% increase in medical vacancies What is currently on offer for the 2023-2024 school year? This is what the Minister of Health has determined, Sierra Repoliswhen it explains in detail the actions to be carried out by the provincial executive Alleviating the shortage of doctors in Aragon, Monday after the president Javier Lambán emphasized this problem during the start of the USJ course.. “University President Jose Antonio Mayoral is aware of the situation and will resize it based on the ability we have to train students,” he acknowledged, noting that that 10% is something “estimated” and, therefore, could ultimately be something higher.

Public sources on campus confirmed that The issue is “on the table” and “likely” to be implemented. At the moment, with 180 places in Zaragoza and 40 places in Huesca, it is at the “maximum” of what the current credential memory allows. And to increase the places for the next session, The simplest procedure is to reach 10%, which means 22 vacancies. If he goes further, they specify, it is necessary to prepare another verification report and lengthen the process.

Repolis also talked about the possibility that USJ Request permission to teach the degree. “If so, the possibilities will be studied and what is considered the best for all Aragonese will be done”, confirmed.

In this sense, the counselor pointed out that The regional government, within its powers, already takes 100% of the MIR . places which you can actually provide, was asked of the Ministry”Reduce requirements Training units must meet, in this way, more can be created to increase the size of the population. In addition to the 70 primary care places that were deserted at the beginning of the summer, Repolis explained that the “real difficulty” lies in dealing with unexpected possibilities, such as hiring in the summer or the Covid season. He pointed out that the lack of doctors is a “endemic” problem in society and the country and that In the coming years, it will go even further, because “many retirements are planned in the coming years”. He stressed that “we have to deal with it from this moment.”

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With these measures, the executive branch is seeking Create a “bank of specialists”This is “far from a short-term solution”. It will take about 10 years. “Until then, we will have to work hard to redistribute the resources we have, to keep helping citizens and redistributing the skills of professionals,” he said.

New Assisted Reproduction Unit

On Tuesday, the consultant participated in the beginning of the work New Assisted Reproduction Unit In the Miguel Servet University Hospital of Zaragoza, which aims to improve “comfort” for both professionals and patients. “It was an old requirement because the facilities are getting small. Now there will be a recovery room and a clean room.”that you specified. Work that is to be It was completed in four months, with a budget of 1.4 million.