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Faculties of science and education will go to El Cristo to make room for judges

Faculties of science and education will go to El Cristo to make room for judges

Trading cards between the buildings of Health, University and Justice in Oviedo. The Regional Court will occupy the current building of the College of Science – which will not temporarily house the School of Mines – which, along with the College of Teacher Training and Education, will head to El Cristo, to the ancient land of HUCA in two or three years. More specifically, they will settle in old outpatient clinics, silicosis, and maternity buildings. The building left by the latter will be occupied by the rest of the judicial offices that will gradually regroup in the vicinity of Llamaquique, in a movement developed in yesterday’s edition of LA NUEVA ESPAÑA and confirmed by the regional president, Adrien Barbon during the debate on the state of the region.

Everyone, Justice and Colleges, welcomes a change that will allow them to gain space because their own possessions have outgrown it. In his speech, Barbon confirmed that the Principality had reached an agreement with the university to regroup the judicial offices in Lamaqueque. These changes also represent an almost complete reversal of the reorganization plans initially planned by the team of the President of the University of Oviedo, Ignacio Villaverde.

Old HUCA buildings moving into the university.

Within this change of cards, the Faculty of Geology will remain in place, which, although it will change neighbours, will not move from Llamaquique; What is left in the air is who will be the new tenant of the Minas Building on Independence Street, because the Faculty of Science will go directly to Christ. University sources confirmed that what is being considered now is that the Teachers College, which has a student population of 2,300 students and is suffering from a severe shortage of space, could occupy some space in that building, as it seems that the dismantling of Minas is irreversible a few days ago before the Council . The Social University gave the go-ahead for his transfer to Meres. There are no changes in it. The movement continues.

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three stages

In the short term, what is urgent and priority is the change of science, who will be the first to move from the neighborhood; The next step will be teacher training; And already at the third stage, the Faculty of Computer Engineering will be absorbed into the old healthy lands. At a meeting last week, the dean of the University of Oviedo, Ignacio Villaverde, already conveyed to the deans affected by these transfers, that this step must be urgently ordered. The need for space for justice presses.

In more detail, Barbon announced that his government was negotiating with the Ministry of Social Security over the transfer of maternity lands, outpatient clinics and silicosis to the old hospital complex which would occupy the colleges in a two- or three-year period. University of Oviedo. While the new HUCA, located in the La Cadellada neighborhood, will host medicine studies that still need relocation. “We came to an understanding with the university, and the academic institution has shown an interest in using these old health facilities, simply put, to form a kind of Campus B in El Cristo,” said Adrian Barbon. He added: “This movement will release the College of Science, which will include the headquarters of the Governorate Court, which is located today in the Palace of Justice.” This part of the move is most urgent given the pressing space needs that Asturian Justice has had for some time. For the President, “All these movements will facilitate, within a reasonable time, the assembly of judicial offices in the vicinity of Lamaqueque and will promote the development of the planned procedures in El Cristo to which my Government has always committed.”

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Barbon also announced that next year’s budget will include a 3.5 million line item to demolish the old hospital. “You choose adjectives. To me it seems to be one of the best news we can give in this debate,” the president emphasized in the council. His party, Oviedo’s PSOE, praised the moves.

Like the deans of affected colleges. One of those Llamaquique runs out of is Teachers College. Its dean, Celestino Rodriguez, confirms that “our assessment is very good because we will be gaining space, for the time being, we are using geology classes.” This college will gain a few square meters in El Cristo: “We’re going from 12,000 to 20,000 now.” Science student, José Manuel Noriega, notes, “What they told us is that the change will be fast, in two or three years. And it sounds good to me, it’s a reasonable suggestion that we can go to campus already with a structure.” The dean of geology (which includes 115 students), Juan Ramon Bahamondi, was also satisfied, but in his case, with his stay in the Lamacchio district. “It’s a positive thing, it’s a support that the university gives us,” he says. And he realizes that the rest of the colleges are getting small, in fact, neighboring sciences and college use the largest geology classes

Also out of justice these plans were favorably appreciated. María Esther Fernández García, Principal Prosecutor of the Principality of Asturias, emphasized that “the Public Prosecutor’s Office has always selected a building in the vicinity of the Palais de Justice and the Palace of Sciences, in principle, and after carrying out the relevant works that meets the requirements of size and proximity. While Luis Albo, Dean of the Bar, emphasized In Oviedo, “This is the most reasonable solution, the most realistic option. Better in science than in the Civic Center. It was the solution proposed by the President of the TSJA, Jesus Maria Chamorro, which was supported by all legal operators at a meeting earlier this year, facilitated by the Minister of the Presidency, Rita Camplor, in which the university also participated. The scientific solution also requires financial support. We have three or four months to fight the budget.”

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