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Celebrating the 44th Anniversary of the Founding of the College of Basic Sciences at UATx

Celebrating the 44th Anniversary of the Founding of the College of Basic Sciences at UATx

September 13 – 2022

The School of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) celebrated its 44th anniversary with academic and cultural activities that brought together the teaching and student community in the university theater facilities.

In his letter, Dr. Seraven Ortiz, President of UATx, noted that when reflecting in the spirit of celebrating 44 years of the college’s institutional life, it is noted that human history is infinite, but human existence is limited. We have witnessed results from the world that have surprised us and led us to put At the heart of the issues is one of the phenomena most frequently referred to as globalization, in which the technological approach has affected all societies.

He emphasized that the development and sustainability of the productive activities of contemporary society, rooted in the trinity that envisions production and technological impact, and the growth of the economy with social responsibility and absolute respect for the environment, has a wide opportunity to exercise use. Of the technologies, which, without a doubt, are introduced directly into our daily lives.

The President of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala recognized the excellent formation of the course of this undergraduate area, which, over more than four decades of existence, has become a group of men and women trained in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, graduating professionals who in turn are transforming their environment.

On her occasion, Dr. Frene Lopez Medina, Director of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, emphasized that thanks to the joint and supportive work carried out over the years, today it has become a benchmark of academic quality in the entity, as its study programs are relevant to achieving the development of Tlaxcala, region and country.

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He pointed out that this space contributes to the formation of human talents with principles and values, which are recognized by the community for good teaching practice, which is possible thanks to the fact that it has a highly trained, efficient and knowledgeable teaching staff. the needs of the country and the world.

As part of the allusive programme, the main conference entitled: “Environmental Sustainability: Water” was presented, presented by Dr. Hipolito Muñoz Nava, with the participation of Cacaxtla Folkloric Ballet.

The event was attended by Eng. Alfredo Vázquez Galicia, former Rector of UATx and former Director of the College; Dr. Alfredo Adan Pimentel, Curator of Research and Graduate Studies; teacher Diana Celine Avila Casco, Secretary of University Extension and Culture Dissemination; Elvia Hernandez Escalona, ​​Administrative Secretary; Mr. Roberto Carlos Cruz Bisrel, Technical Secretary; Dr.. Juan Jorge Zicoa, Secretary of Self Realization, and Dr. Miguel Angel Moniv Rojas, Secretary of the College, as well as academics and students.