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The United Nations University Institute of Physical Sciences announces its opposition to the new science law

Through a statement, the institute indicated that the approval process for Common law for the humanities, science, technology and innovation (LGHCTI) – as it’s rightly called – was erratic and also breached the convention of holding seven open parliaments.

Through a list of eight points, the institute presented the reasons for which it was manifested against this law, which were published last Monday in the Official Gazette. The Official Gazette of the Union and that it was approved by the Senators of Morena and her allies last Saturday, April 29, during the early hours of this morning, expressly and without the presence of the opposition.

The first point is the presence of the army and navy on the board of directors, which reduces academic and scientific representation. “The Mexican Navy does not have a solid science policy for decision-making in matters of human sciences and technology,” the document read.

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It also notes, “Removing the public investment target of 1% of GDP for HCTI research leaves the allocation of ‘a larger increase than the previous year’ at the mercy of the executive.”

The institute also points out that oversight and/or accountability by an internal oversight body independent of the government is unproven, which violates human rights by excluding scholars and academics who belong to private universities, which are not given priority. Academic criteria in scholarship funding, requires the transfer of intellectual property rights and the commercial exploitation of patents, as well as the potential for effects in agreements upon change from Conacyt to Conahcyt.

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This name change also poses an uncertainty scenario for workers in public think tanks, such as CIDE, “since the employer replacement procedures and legal consequences introduced by Conahcyt’s new employer are not included in the new law.” pronunciation.

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