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The attitude of breeders before the Welfare Law – Species PRO

For the first time in its history, the National Dog Table met to address priorities still under organizational development The new law for the protection of animal rights and carewas approved in past march, Among them is the implementation of a new system of animal and breeder records.

In this meeting, promoted by the Royal Spanish Canine Society (RSCE), the Royal Spanish Club for German Shepherd Dogs (RCEPPA), the National Canine Association ACCAM and the Kennel Club of Spain (KCE) participated. They are the main federations of breeders officially recognized in Spain, to coordinate their work before Next development From the law that will require a long process.

At the meeting, the work carried out in the various expert tables held by the Directorate General for Animal Rights was analyzed, as well as the approach that would be taken during the process of organizational development of the standard.

The goal: responsible education

The aim is to achieve sufficient recognition for the responsible breeder in general, but in particular for the family, the occasional or amateur breeder and even the occasional breeder, which represents the vast majority of purebred dog breeders.

In this sense, the Council appreciated that the law takes into account Responsible breeding Either as part of a strategy to end abandonment and abuse or animal welfare. He also considered other positive aspects introduced to the world of purebred dogs, “as long as these regulations and ordinances under development adequately reflect the essence and idiosyncrasies of cinema”.

RSCE President José Miguel Doval stressed that the standard opens “a new phase for those who are dedicated to the responsible, selective and certified breeding of purebred dogs.”

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Other topics on the agenda

In addition to details on:

  • The nucleus of home education
  • Number of dogs of reproductive age
  • droppings per year
  • Other issues such as the role of official associations with regard to the registration of breeders, training or promotion and protection of canine activities (exhibitions, sports, etc…).

The National Dog Table is an initiative created by the RSCE and promoted under the chairmanship of José Miguel Doval with the aim of advocating for purebred dogs and responsible breeders. In contact with the different associations related to the canine world in Spain, paying particular attention to those dedicated to animal care and protection, the idea is to create common lines of dialogue and action that allow for a more robust relationship with the different departments. and political parties.