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Ziliotto guaranteed funds for the College of Health Sciences

Rector on leave from UNLPam Oscar Alba and Vice President Maria Emma Martin held talks with Governor Sergio Zeliotto, in the context of the election campaign, to talk about proposals in educational matters.

The President discussed with Alba, the current Secretary for University Policies, and Martine future institutional projects between the District and the Graduate House and the prospects for maintaining this link should he be re-elected.

The governor from the county has guaranteed funding for the jobs being carried out in the College of Health Sciences, which UNLPam established this year. The nursing degree was originally funded by the provincial government, and since last year that money has already been secured from the Alpa-led University Policy Secretariat by holding a program, both in Santa Rosa and at its upcoming opening in General Pico.

They also talked about the UNLPam project in the territory, which was initially accompanied by the Ziliotto administration. Alpa and Martín inform him that from next year it will be possible to present at least four races in the cities of La Pampa, so it will be necessary to work with the various municipalities and development commissions to guarantee physical space. Ziliotto promised, as he had done during the UNLPam in the territory, to accompany both the university and the mayors to cover the pampean lands.

UNLPam was implemented in the territory during the administration of Alpa and delivered at the campuses of Macachín, General Acha, Telén, Quemú Quemú and Realico, fully funded by the University.

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