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The unfulfilled promise of Messi and the questionable signature of Lewandowski

The unfulfilled promise of Messi and the questionable signature of Lewandowski

Joan Laportathe famous president of FC Barcelona who is today proud to be the faithful one to the club he returned to and found in ruins, may also be categorized as “A man of contrasts.

Over the months, some unanswered situations have been clarified little by little, for example: How is it after using and bragging about the name Leo Messi friendship In the middle of the campaign towards the team election, when he was elected, it turns out that in more than half a year he could not lower the wage bill to renew the best footballer in the club’s history?

at least 10 occasionsafter declaring victory by an overwhelming majority font vector Laporta, who was already in his second stage at Barcelona’s presidency, ensured that Messi’s contract was renewed and that the Argentine would end his sporting career as a wolf.

The rest is history and today it is clearer than ever that Laporta not only lied to Messi, but also to the whole of Barcelona. justified that he would not”Mortgage“To the club and let Liu be released before amazement Globalism.

what or what they changewhat or what I succeeded? Only the current Barcelona president knows this, but it’s a reality on his back Will charge for life The decision to open the exit door to the historical captain and lie under the pretext that it could not have been recorded in an economic case.

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king font vectorLaporta’s competitor in the elections, who was he? cure As a sign of his campaign for the presidency, he announced a few days ago that he had a well-established plan that would ensure Leo’s renewal, so the story that was because of the “wage bill” no one believed Laporta.

One year after Messi’s departure, Barcelona spent nearly 200 million euros on transfers, with Robert Lewandowski being the most important and most contradictory. Not the most expensive, Ferran Torres, so far, by the way, has been without results.

an actconflicting? Yes, and here it may be superfluous to explain that it would be absurd to question the quality of the electrode; after payment 50 million euros A footballer who will turn 34 in a few days and sign him for three seasons and three seasons, and that’s what makes the contract inexplicable.

As a context and a reaffirmation of what is actually a good signatureManchester City, known informally, paid €75m for 21-year-old Erling Haaland. The Norwegian is the present and the future of football and calmly, if both sides decide, he can play for a decade for the “nationals” …

Lewandowski, in his third campaign as Cole will be 37 yearsAnd despite the previous explanation, it is astonishing that he is certain, as he did at Bayern Munich, that he will score 50 goals per season. something unlikely. Very improbable.

And yes, yes, of course in the time Messi has left and Lewandowski has now arrived, many things have happened change The club has entered large sums of money, ie no doubt; What can be pointed out and criticized is that questAnd the insistenceAnd the InstallationsAnd the crap And the intense negotiations With Bayern agreeing to release their historic scorer…

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Laporta was seen, not even from a distance, intact efforts When the time came for him, he came out with his hand on his waist to say:impossibleLeo renewal.

What’s more, since the departure of the “ten”, the manager has collected a series of unfortunate statements about Messi: since he did not. Contrition that he had to leave, to the point of doubting the possibility of returning, because he would have to get”consent“From the coaching staff on duty. It’s as if Messi needs someone’s approval, even if he is. 40 or 45 years old.

As a final touch, and although these exits were made under the management of “not mentioned” Joseph Maria BartomeuRemember, there was talk ofrenewal“From the club and that is why they were sent off Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez, all over 30, but not 34 like Lewandowski. What a paradox.

As this is the case, it is clear that Laporta to lieAnd Messi and Barcelona fans…and now it turns out we have to get excited With a Polish who, according to some close to him, always dreams of getting dressed white.

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