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The order of the participants in the derby

The order of the participants in the derby

The T-Mobile Home Run Derby takes place tonight! The terrain will see a mixture of youth and veteran, strength and skill. I do not see the clock!

Every competitor has a real chance to take the crown. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. But, being a professional observer, I can’t be left behind this time. So there you have it, a ranking of the strikers who will participate in the 2022 Home Run Derby, an event that will be broadcast on ESPN starting at 8 p.m. ET.

Sure, we should start with the title holder.

1. Pete Alonso, 1B, Mets
Opponent in the first round: Ronald Acuna Jr.

Was Pete Alonso created exclusively for the Home Run Derby? Mets fans may disagree, but from afar, Alonso has what it takes: tremendous strength, attitude, fortitude and a clear understanding of the moment. He has won the last two events and the most races in Derby history. In addition, he seeks to match Ken Griffey as the only one to earn three crowns and be the first to win three crowns in a row.

2. Kyle Schwarber, Phillies
Opponent in the first round: Albert Pujols

3. Juan Jose Soto, Citizens
Opponent in the first round: Jose Ramirez

Soto has plenty of power, sure, but no other player might have a better pick than Soto, even if it doesn’t help him in the Home Run Derby. However, Soto said last year that he believes his participation in the festival has helped him get back in shape and have an impressive second half of the season. The Dominican sway is normal and it’s what wiped out Ohtani last year. So leave your doubts aside.

4. Ronald Acuna Jr., Braves
Opponent in the first round: Pete Alonso

The Venezuelan had previously participated in the derby once, during the 2019 edition, and reached the semi-finals before losing to Alonso. His strength is one of his best qualities of course, but it is not the only one; Maybe they can give him some extra points so he can manage the rules very quickly. His slowness is currently the lowest in his career, and he may not recover 100% from his knee injury. Acuña is an exciting talent, but I’m not sure he’s the best this time around.

5. Julio Rodriguez, Mariners
Opponent in the first round: Cory Seeger

First things first: It’s amazing that the Dominicans are a part of this and that they will also be in the All-Star Game. If things continue like this, he will carry the sailors all the way to beyond the season. The Apprentice, like the Akuna, is impressively fast and his strength doesn’t slacken. But this is his first derby, his first season, his first everything. Waiting for his arrival and his victory at once, over rivals of this kind, is almost the same. emphasis?

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6. Jose Ramirez, 3B, The Guardians
Opponent in the first round: Juan Jose Soto

Ramirez is on another MVP campaign, and once again, few are paying attention to him, which is basically what happens every year. Ramirez has said no to the derby in the past, but this could be the kind of big event that lets the rest of the baseball world know how great it is. By the way, the key cuts 150 points higher on the left than on the right.

7. Cory Seeger, SS, Rangers
Opponent in the first round: Julio Rodriguez

Seager was the last invited to the derby, and the second he attended in his career (he was also a rookie in 2016). At the time he was the eighth seed and faced the top seed, Mark Trumbo, and you can tell how much time has passed when you remember that the thing that got the fans most excited was the fact that Trumbo was in the derby. Seager has started slow this year, but no one remembers that now: He already has 21 home runs and is having a great time.

8. Albert Pujols, DH, Cardinals
First round opponent: Kyle Schwarber