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The Three Keys to Happiness by Caroline Losberg

The Three Keys to Happiness by Caroline Losberg

with one of the accounts Most inspirational on Instagram from the world of fashion, German model Caroline Lossberg Try balance in your life These two areas that have day to day: for him profession -Look: airports, nights away from home, endless days…-and his day Care Nature, hobbies, friends… Through his pictures we can know Caroline’s Handbook of Small Pleasuresthose activities in which this fashion specialist finds Separation what do you need. customs, activities and Habits that allow you to regain well-being and happiness Every day, every month and every year. He says Tell Ben Shinaran expert in positive psychology at Harvard University, states that ” happiness It is not based on the current situation (we all have ups and downs), but rather the reference line that is in between Weal and woe And it is constantly changing. ” This means that we have happiness It is the result of a combination of five essential ingredients: Spiritual, intellectual, relational, physical and emotional well-being. Without wanting to idealize anyone, today we focus on the special Caroline Losberg’s Lifestyle. they Keys to feeling good They are very convincing.

What makes superstar Caroline Losberg happy?

“Is anyone else feeling a little sleepy lately? Fall fatigue is real” (Caroline Losberg). Happy life is not positive, happy life is real.@employee

“Nothing like sistaaa” (Caroline Losberg). Good relationships keep people happy. We are social beings, and when human connection fails, so does happiness.@employee

“There is a whole world out there that wants take your time for their own purposes. And you must be aware of your role as the defender of your time because no one else will protect it. If you don’t, you will end up living the life other people want you to live, not the one you want to live one you like (Which never happened do you have time)” explain the authors of the book Kenso effectiveness. Be clear about priorities and needs Help us out balance our lives. These are Caroline’s three favorite options other than… The job you are passionate about:

  • Nature, nature, nature
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It’s where Caroline Losberg always comes back to. Either to spend some days in the fieldl He walks Along a deserted beach or to enjoy it to the fullest Trips. They are usually associated with moments Loneliness and silencefor the distances where Reconnect with yourself. The happy idea: There are many scientific studies showing that no less than Two hours a week in natureeither once or several visits, to significantly improve your health and well-being.

  • Not one, but several creative hobbies

Besides the Gardensthe German summit is smitten Potterythe reading Until now Photography. We can see that they are cultivating new varieties in his garden Or proudly displaying their latest ceramic creations. The happy idea: the manual activities They let us Connecting body and mind So understand method Touching meditation. The key is in this type of file contemplation Not to erase every thought, but to find mental balance through physical activity. It’s a perfect time to try what some call it flow condition.

  • Connect with other people daily

the Social relations It allows us to be more human by sharing thoughts and emotions. German crest is loyal to its friends who are not forgiving of wandering and Enjoy life in the city. The happy idea: According to researchers from Oxford universitywe should Seeing friends twice a week But the truth is, the healthy thing is to spend quality time with your friends or family every day.