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Opening of a new round of exhibitions at the Science Center

Opening of a new round of exhibitions at the Science Center

The Sinaloa Science Center has opened a new cycle of exhibits, “Experiential Learning in Science 2.0,” through which they seek to create a more interactive experience.

During the ceremony, the Director General of the General Coordination for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation of the State of Sinaloa (CONFÍE), Dr. Carlos Karam Quinones, highlighted the importance of science as one of the main pillars of research.

Carlos Karam Quinones, Director of TRUST:

“The issue of popularizing science is related to the interpretation of science in the most educational and simple way possible so that it reaches the entire population, so that it arouses the curiosity and interest of children, students, students and of course the entire population.”

In the same sense, the Executive Director of the Jose Maria Conde Uraga Science Center spoke, who explained that this course has 10 museum spaces, and more than 40 interactive exhibits among them; Science Park Get Math, Fossils Zone, Dinosaurs, Augmented Reality, Bee Galleries, Aeronautics, Robotics Zone, Addiction Zone, 8K Black Cube, and Bacubirito.

Jose Maria Conde Uraga, Executive Director of the Sinaloa Science Center:

“A great effort is being made to use augmented reality technology in all non-interactive exhibitions to give them an interactive feel.”

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