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This is how autumn affects our health and mood

This is how autumn affects our health and mood

Autumn is one of the seasons of the year that affects our mood the most. Shorter daylight hours, lower temperatures, rain, and the return to the work routine mean that feelings have specifically changed. In general, there is a greater perception of pessimism, frustration, difficulties in personal organization, unwillingness to undertake certain tasks, etc. The mind is affected and the body notices it.

If you want to know how autumn affects people, we’ll show you the keys to why this season affects us so much.

Why does autumn affect us?

When autumn comes, you notice a change in people’s personalities. Summer has been a time of separation and relaxation where fun and entertainment take center stage; but, The change of season in September is associated with new work and study routines. Moreover, a change in weather also means a change in clothing: coats, jackets, etc.

So how does autumn affect our lives? Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression directly related to the change of season.. Generally, this phenomenon appears in the fall, although there are people who also notice it in the winter and spring. The first symptoms usually appear when the summer season ends and it is time to return to routine life.

The symptoms that appear are the following: apathy, pessimism, negativity, failure to accept reality, irritability, lack of appetite, loss of energy, sleep disturbances, and others. In general, everything These symptoms greatly affect each person’s personality.; However, there are people who notice it more acutely than others and suffer, in a much stronger way, from the consequences of this disorder depending on the type of life they lead.

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Other factors that affect mood

The effect of autumn on people is obvious. The decrease in daylight hours can be considered, practically, one of the most influential consequences for our health.. why is that? Less melatonin and serotonin are secreted, which means feeling more pessimistic and having trouble sleeping. The days are becoming more monotonous, the landscape is becoming grayer and darker, there are fewer sunny days, and the cold is gradually taking over.

People with seasonal affective disorder may feel… Greater insulation during the fall. Unlike summer, a period when there are more daylight hours and more time for leisure, autumn becomes a time of transition into winter, and therefore, there is a greater chance of catching a cold and feeling more weak.

In short, autumn is the season in which… It greatly affects emotions A change in life is seen to resume work procedures. However, there are always solutions to help mitigate the effects of fall. Therefore, there is nothing better than taking care of your comfort, taking advantage of the sunshine hours, continuing an active life, interacting with people, and not stopping recreational activities.

This information in no way replaces a diagnosis or prescription by a physician. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms appear in the case of illness and never self-medicate.

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