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Argentina investigates military exercises against Venezuela in 2019 | News

Argentine Defense Minister, Jorge Tayana, said Wednesday that he is thoroughly investigating all actions related to the military exercises planned against Venezuela during the administration of former Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

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In an interview with Argentina’s Telam agency, the senior official noted that “it is not surprising that Macri’s government, which has been an active member of the Lima Group, has an interventionist position in Venezuela.”

“As a result of this information, I have requested a comprehensive and detailed report on all actions related to the aforementioned exercise called ‘Puma’, to check whether existing regulations, the Intelligence, Defense and Internal Security Act have been complied with, as well as by the nature and objectives of the said exercise,” the Chief of the Defense Ministry explained in detail.

Who also indicated that the aforementioned report will enable a clear identification of all political and military responsibilities that arise from the corresponding facts and investigations.

When referring to the position of the current Argentine Executive, he avoided that “the government of the front of all has always advocated respect for non-interference in the internal affairs of nations, peaceful resolution of disputes, regional integration and preservation of South America as a region of peace.”

Incidentally, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro meant that “the Continental Right has gone to the extreme to break all the rules of the game of coexistence and diplomacy between our two countries; it has ignored international law. We hope that someone in Argentina will dare to raise their voice to investigate this complaint. It is a very serious thing.”

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“Venezuela is a peaceful people, but it is also a warrior people, and thanks to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, courage and courage and civil-military union, none of these attempts at conquest or armed aggressions can be achieved in a safe and effective manner.”

Meanwhile, the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, urged the Argentine Congress to investigate the events that were revealed regarding the invasion that the Argentine army was contemplating in Venezuela, between April and July 2019. Against a state.

At the same time, he suggested the possibility of forming a committee of deputies to travel to Argentina to follow up on this process, in which Argentina’s support for the military strategy of the United States (United States) is investigated. to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.