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Galician Inmaculada Tomás will be the first woman in the National Academy of Dental Sciences

Galician Inmaculada Tomás will be the first woman in the National Academy of Dental Sciences

Immaculate ThomasProfessor of Dentistry at the University of Southern California The first female dentist to join the National Academy of Dental Sciences. The scholar will take office on April 14 in a ceremony to be held at the Salon Nobre del Colexio de Fonseca.

There are fourteen men in the academy, and we are two women, in addition to a dentistexplained the researcher, who hopes the designation will clearer the lines of her investigation.royal search activity Focuses on the scientific progress of dental sciences, beginning in the field of oral microbiology to incorporate, in the past decades, as follows: omics technologies and artificial intelligence technologies.

Thomas Deputy Dean of Dentistry She obtained her PhD in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry between 2011 and 2014. Today she is the coordinator of the clinical and research unit in dentistry for patients with special needs and people with special needs. Oral Sciences Research Group Coordinator group, part of IDIS. As a researcher, Inmaculada Tomás has collaborated with international institutions such as the Eastman Dental Institute, Queen Mary University of London, and King’s College London.

The professor has also received many research awards and holds three patents registered with the state. She has been involved in 25 state and regional projects, as well as private contracts with companies like Johnson & Johnson and Lacer.

Inmaculada Tomás is the author of the reference book “Dentistry of Patients with Special Needs”, published in 2022, as well as the person responsible for 110 publications in specialized journals.

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His research group focuses on Diagnosis of various oral diseases using new technologies such as artificial intelligence. “FWe are the first group in our country to carry out bioinformatic characterization of the oral microbiome associated with periodontitis and periodontal health”It is to explain. The group also developed Dentius Age, a program based on neural networks that can work with radiological images.