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The team that will play the Qatar World Cup 2022 asks Honduras to play a friendly match

The team that will play the Qatar World Cup 2022 asks Honduras to play a friendly match


After the date of FIFA in September where it was Honduras national team Faced with Argentina and Guatemala, recording a loss and a win, Bicolor can now play two more matches.

It has already been confirmed that “H” will play a friendly match against Saudi Arabia on October 30, but now it has been confirmed that another team in the World Cup has expressed an interest in playing with him. Honduras.

Gerardo Ramos, Managing Director of fenavothrevealed in comments to “Deporte al Instante”, that Bicolor could play another commitment.

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“It’s an empty game they ask for and pay for, we’re fine-tuning the details. The match will be played on October 30th at Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Directed by Honduras It’s the 25th, maybe he’ll change and leave on the 24th,” he commented Gerard Ramos.

“We have a chance, we are adjusting the details, maybe a match can be played before Kingdom Saudi Arabia. “He will be with a team qualified for the World Cup,” said the FIFA Managing Director. Honduras.

Gerardo Ramos He didn’t want to give the potential rival’s name, but as he knows ten, Everything indicates what it will be Qatar Selection you are interested in playing with Honduras.

In the next few days it is expected to finish this friendly match, which will serve Diego Vazquez a lot in facing what is to come in 2023 in the CONCACAF Nations League and the Gold Cup.

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On the other hand, there is also talk of the option of a friendly match against Venezuela in the United States, as he was able to learn ten.

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It must be remembered that in October there is no FIFA date, but Honduras He will try to rely on the legion.

The footballers who will not be taken into account in the friendly matches in October are those who reached the final of the CONCACAF League, that is, footballers from Olympia or Motagua, and those from Real Spain.

Since it’s not a FIFA date, they can’t ask players and less in the middle of an international final.