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El II Congreso de Ciencias Contemplativas y Mindfulness mostrará en Zaragoza nuevas líneas para mejorar el bienestar emocional

The Second Congress of Meditative and Mindful Sciences in Zaragoza will show new lines for improving emotional well-being

The Second Congress of Contemplative and Mindful Sciences in Zaragoza, on November 3 and 4, will present new lines of research for Improving emotional well-being. It’s a forum for experts to promote Global Happiness Foundation Head of the Contemplative Sciences Department at the Aragon Campus. The scientific program will deal with the study of ancient techniques and the search for new applications in psychotherapy.

The event will take place in the auditorium of the University of Zaragoza in a live and online format. The leading specialists in the study of ancestral techniques from a research perspective will meet again. Among other approaches, the mysteries of Advaita Vedanta, a branch of Hinduism, the Kabbalah tradition, Zen meditation, or Christianity, will be addressed through an extensive program of conferences and workshops. Registration is now available on the conference website.

Scientific study of techniques and teachings The contemplative tradition is posited as one of the areas of knowledge and research in neuroscience The most important in recent years, according to the organizers. With several specific studies being developed at several Anglo-Saxon universities, in Spain, this research is supported by the first Chair of Contemplative Sciences established at the University of Zaragoza.

The conference will be opened by Javier García Cambayo, Director, Head of Contemplative Science and Director of Mindfulness, and Luis Gallardo, Founder of the World Happiness Foundation.

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